My Lord and My God !!

Sami Zaatari

One of the most common passages that Trinitarians use in trying to prove that Jesus was God, comes from John 20:28, And in this passage the disciple Thomas supposedly says the following:

And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God (John 20:28)

So from this passage Christians conclude that Jesus must be God because Thomas called Jesus his Lord and God. On top of this they assert that the immediate context following John 20:28 shows that Jesus did not rebuke Thomas for his confession, rather Jesus accepted the confession, and blessed Thomas. From this they reason that if Jesus was not God, then he would have rebuked Thomas and corrected, however so he did no such thing therefore they assert that Jesus must be God.

For starters anyone who reads the Gospels in context will see that they clearly show that Jesus was not God, rather he was a prophet, and a Messiah. Furthermore on top of this, nowhere in the Gospels do any believers take Jesus as God, rather the believers always take Jesus to be a prophet, and Messiah.

So with all of that said let us now turn our attention to John 20:28, for the sake of convenience I re-quote the passage:

And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God (John 20:28)

As you all know, the Gospel of John was written in Greek, and when one consults the Greek language one will notice that the words for Lord and God are called KYRIOS and THEOS. So here is the passage quoted again, only this time the actual Greek words are placed in brackets right beside the English translation, and we read:

And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord (KYRIOS) and my God (GOD)

 (John 20:28)

So doubting Thomas calls Jesus his KYRIOS and THEOS. Now if anyone has studied the New Testament, as well as the Septuagint, which is basically the Greek version of the Jewish Bible, then one will find out that these exact words are not exclusive for God alone, and that these two terms are applied to many men.

Strong’s own Greek lexicon defines the Word KYRIOS as follows:

is a title of honor expressive of respect and reverence, with which servants greet their master

So one of the definitions of the term KYRIOS is a title of honor and respect, specifically a title of honor and respect given to a master by the servant. As we all know Jesus was a leader, he was the Messiah, a prophet, a judge, and the leader of his 12 disciples. Hence it would be no surprise for one of his disciple to call him KYRIOS, in fact this is what we would expect, and this indeed what we get.

So the fact is this, the term KYRIOS is not an exclusive Greek word to identify the almighty God. Furthermore as I said above, the term KYRIOS is used of other men besides Jesus, hence are we going to now claim that all of those who are called Lord must be God? Of course not.

Now let us move on to the word THEOS, Strong’s lexicon translates the word THEOS a follows:

-God’s representatives or vice-regents

-Magistrates and Judges

So again even the term THEOS does not exclusively have to refer to the almighty God, rather God’s representatives can also be called THEOS, and the same applies for judges and magistrates. As we all know Jesus was God’s representative, he was God’s prophet, as well as his Messiah, so indeed Jesus was God’s representative, and in that sense one can call Jesus a THEOS.

So the fact is this, Thomas calling Jesus his KYRIOS and THEOS in no absolute way means he was calling Jesus his almighty God.

Throughout the Gospels Jesus always identifies himself as a prophet, a messiah, and the Son of God. Each one of these titles do not denote divinity, hence we can confidently say that when Jesus was called KYRIOS and THEOS it was not a reference to any divinity, but a reference to his honorable position as a leader, and as a prophet.

Moving on, if one reads the Greek Bible one will learn that many people are called THEOS, the devil himself is called THEOS in 2nd Corinthians 4:4, we read:

In whom the god (THEOS) of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not

So the devil himself is called THEOS, should we all bow and worship Satan now? Obviously not! On top of this Moses himself is called a THEOS, and so are the Jewish judges found in the book of Psalms. Yet nobody is going to claim that these people are the almighty true God, and that we should start worshiping them!

So the simple fact is this, in no shape or form is Jesus the almighty God for being called KYRIOS and THEOS. We know from the context of the four Gospels that in no way do these terms refer to a divinity; rather they refer to his prophet hood, and him being The Messiah.

And Allah Truly Knows Best!


Is Trinity Like “The Time”?!

By Sami Zaatari

In this article will continue to refute some more common analogies brought up to make sense of the Trinity, many Muslims may have fell for these deceptive analogies in the past, but when one really looks carefully at the analogy and what Trinity is one will then see the analogies are a distortion of what Trinity is and what Trinitarians actually believes in.


Let us now move on to some of Christians’ analogies:


Time is past, present, and future. There are not three times



That is true, but is that Trinity? What this Christian does not tell the reader is that time is MADE UP OF past, present, and future. The past alone is not time, nor is the present alone, time is made up these 3 separate time frames.


However so, Christians say that Jesus IS God, they say that the Father IS God, we however do not say that the past IS time, we say the past is PART OF TIME.


Christians never ever say that Jesus is simply part of God, if you ask any Christian is Jesus God, they will not reply by saying ‘No Jesus is part of God’ rather they will respond by saying ‘Yes Jesus is God’.


Christians’ analogy would only work had Trinitarians gone around saying Jesus is part of God, that the Father is part of God, and that the Holy Spirit is part of God. Rather Christians say Jesus IS God, the Father IS God and so on, and since Jesus is not the Father and the Father is not Jesus, what you have is two Gods!


So yes this Christian is correct, we do not have three times but one time, since the past alone is not time, nor is the present alone time, rather the past present and future MAKE UP TIME. Does this Christian say that Jesus alone is not God? By that I mean does this Christian or any other Christian say that the person Jesus is not God? Do they say he is PART OF God or do they say he IS God?  


No Christian would ever dare say that Jesus the individual person is not God, but rather he is part of/makes up God, they would never dare say such a thing and in fact no Christian ever does! For proof of this go ask any Christian is Jesus God? See what their response is, see whether they say that yes Jesus is God, or no Jesus is part of God.


If Trinitarians such as this Christian believe in these analogies, then they should stop claiming that Jesus IS God, and they should stop responding to Muslim inquiries by saying yes Jesus IS God, they should rather start saying Jesus makes up God and is part of God. Sadly I do not think any Christians will use this approach since they know it is damaging and hurts them.



I rest my case, it is three Gods!


And Allah Knows Best!

Trinitarians do Worship Three Gods, By Sami Zaatari

 Trinitarians often like to claim that they have a monotheistic belief, and that the Trinity is not the worship of 3 Gods rather it is the worship of One God. Basically they say the Trinity doctrine is as follow:

1- God is made up of 3 persons .

2- The three persons are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

3- All three persons are distinct from each other, The Father is not the Son, nor is the Son the Father etc.

4- Each person in the Trinity has a role of their own

5- Jesus is the Son in the Trinity.


 So basically that is the dogma of the Trinity.



Now let us show exactly why Christians do in fact worship three God’s. As I said, the Trinity is made up of THREE people, these three people are all different than one another, it is basically exactly like having 3 people in an office, Tom, Dick, and Harry.


 Now Christians say that Jesus is God, the Father is God, and so is the Holy Spirit. So therefore if you have three people, and each one of them is God then what are you left with? You are left with THREE Gods! This is logic! 


 If Tom Dick and Harry are each managers, how many managers do you have? You have three! Remember Trinity has THREE different persons, and each person is God, therefore you have three Gods and not one, there is no way around this mess.


 Let us even make it simpler for people:

Muslim: Is Jesus God?

Christian: Yes

Muslim: Is Jesus the Father?

Christian: No

Muslim: Is the Father God?

Christian: Yes

Muslim: Is The Father Jesus?

Christian: No

Muslim: So these are 2 different persons?

Christian: Yes, 2 distinct different persons

Muslim: And both are God?

Christian: Yes .

Muslim: Is the Holy Spirit God?

Christian: Yes

Muslim: Is the Holy Spirit the Father or Jesus?

Christian: No, the Holy Spirit is not

Muslim: So Jesus is God, the Father is God, and the Holy Spirit is God?

Christian: Yes

Muslim: And these are three different persons?

Christian: Yes

Muslim: So you have three persons, each one is God, how many is that?

Christian: Three, opppssss no no I meant One


 It cannot get any simpler than that, Trinitarians worship THREE Gods and they can’t deny it.


Now of course Trinitarians have come up with dozens and dozens of laughable analogies to make sense of the Trinity, however so my favorite analogy Christians bring up to make sense of the Trinity is the Family analogy.


 The family analogy basically says this:


A Family is made up of more than one member, a Father, Mother, and Son. Yet the family is one family and not three families, the same with Trinity.


This is my favorite analogy, and it is one of the most deceptive analogies. The family statement is true, a family is made up of 2 or more persons, a typical basic family is a Husband, Wife, and son.




But here is the problem, Christians say that each person in the Trinity is God, remember Christians say Jesus is God, the Father is God, and the Holy Spirit is also God. So therefore using the Christian Trinity doctrine, that would basically mean that the husband is a family, the wife is a family, and the son is also a family! In a family we say that the husband wife and son MAKE UP A FAMILLY, we do not say that each specific member of the family is the family!




Just test this out for yourself, go ask any Christian, is Jesus God, they will immediately say YES! AMENNNNNNNNNN! The Christian will not reply back by saying no Jesus is not God, but Jesus is part of God, you will NEVER hear this reply by a Christian, and I myself have never heard this from a Christian. So therefore the analogy FAILS since the analogy is not even close to Trinity, when you ask a husband are you a family sir? He will say I HAVE a family and yes I am in a family, but he will not say yes I am a family. So Christian Trinitarians have been very deceptive in their analogies and it seems they themselves don’t understand what Trinity even is!




Christians do not say No Jesus is not God, or no the Father is not God, Christians do not say that Jesus and the Father are part of God and make up God, they say that Jesus IS God, they say that the Father IS God. So the analogy crumbles.




And this analogy even makes more problems! You see folks, someone doesn’t come up to you alone and say are you a family? For instance if I was standing outside a shop all alone, a person would not ask me hey Sami are you a family? They would ask hey Sami are you in a family or do you have a family. So basically if we want to compare the Trinity to this family analogy, then this means that we should not ask Christians is Jesus God, we should ask Christians does Jesus have a God, does the Father have a God! Because the analogy is basically turning God into a family, so therefore this means God is made up of people, and is not one alone person, just like a family, so this means we should be asking the Christians does Jesus have a God rather than asking is Jesus God.




So as you can see, these analogies are so bad and deceptive they cause further problems for a Trinitarian. Trinitarians should simply accept the fact that they worship three God’s, once doing so they will be able to throw this Trinity lie out the window and become a real monotheistic faith.




And Allah Knows best and Allah is One not Three.