Ahmed Deedat – Did Islam Spread By Force & Terror ?!


Ahmed Deedat – George Bernard Shaw on the Bible

Atheism Has No Morals !!

Is Muhammed a prophet of God ?!


If you want to laugh, just listen to this debate.

Brother Sami Zaatari Vs Karim

I say without doubt that Sami won the debate.. and karim has been destroyed very badly ..

Sami did a great job as usual, thanks to God almighty ..

May Allah be pleased with him..

Allah Akubar ..

Was Muhammad a Prophet of God?

Was Muhammad (pbuh) a true prophet of God?Was he a mercy for humanity?

Did Muhammad (pbuh) author the Qur’an?


Sami Zaatari Vs David Wood

It’s a great debate, you must see it .. of course Sami won the debate.



 please listen how Sami destroyed David in this topic ..

Keep it up, Sami ..you’re the best debater I’ve ever seen ..

Even David noticed that Sami will be a great debater in the future !

There is nothing that can defeat the truth, another victory for Muslims ..

My Allah be pleased with us ..

I bear witness that there is no deity worthy to be worshipped but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger..

Allah Akbar..

Who teaches more morality ?! Islam or Judaism ?!

a great debate between Sami Zaatari (Muslim) and Pete ( Jew )..

Sami Zaatari did a great job as usual.. may Allah be pleased with him ..

another victory for Muslims … Allah Akbar ..

Refuting The Evidence For Christianity..

A great lectures by Bassam Zawadi, may Allah be pleased with him.