Sayings Of Wisdom By Prophet Muhammed-Part one

Fear Allah wherever you are and follow up a bad deed with a good one as it will wipe it out and behave well towards people. (Related by at-Tabari according to Abu Dharr).


Fear Allah and treat your children equally. (Related by an-Nuan).


Beware of the invocation of the oppressed as there is no barrier between it and Allah. (Related by at-Tirmithi).


Beware of oppression, for it will turn into darkness on the Day of Resurrection. And beware of miserliness for it ruined those who preceded you as it led them to bloodshed as well as be cautious in treating lawfully the forbidden acts. (Related Imam Ahmad according to Abu Huraira)


To talk about Allah’s blessing is an expression of gratitude, and not doing so is an act of disbelief. The one who is not thankful for the few blessings will not be thankful for the many. And the one who is not thankful to the people will not be thankful to Allah. Unity is a blessing and division is a punishment. (Related by al-Bayhaqi).


A hypocrite has three distinguishing signs, when he talks he lies, when he promises he breaks it and when he is entrusted with something, he betrays such trust. (Related by the two Sheiks according to Abu Huraira).


Avoid the seven great destructive sins. These are to join partners in worship with Allah, to practice sorcery, to kill without justification a living being whose life has been declared sacred by Allah, to practice usury, to misappropriate the property of an orphan, to flee from the battlefield at the time of fighting and to slander chaste and innocent believing women. (Related by the two Sheikhs).


Allah likes most perpetual deeds however minimal. (Related by the two Sheiks according to Aisha).


Wish for others what you wish for yourself. (Related by al-Bukhari).


Allah Most High loves a servant of His who is lenient when he sells, lenient when he buys, lenient when he pays his debt and lenient when he demands the payment of a debt due to him. (Related by al-Bayhaqi according to Abu Huraira).


Whenever you go to bed, perform your ablution the way you do it for prayer, then lie down on your right side and say O Allah! I have surrendered my fate to You, I have entrusted all my affairs to You and I have depended on You. There is no refuge and no asylum from You except with You. O Allah! I believe in Your Book which You have revealed and in Your Prophet whom You have sent.” (Related by al-Bukhari and Muslim).


When one of you suffers a calamity, he should say, To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return. O Allah, I seek reward from you for my affliction, so compensate me for it and grant me something better than that as its substitute. (Related by Ibn Majah according to Umm Salama).


When any of you starts eating, let him mention the name of Allah Most High. If he forgot to do so at the beginning of the meal, when he remembers, he should say, In the name of Allah at its beginning and at its end.


When any of you leads the people in prayer, he should shorten it, for among them are the young, the old, the weak, the sick, and the one preoccupied with his affairs. But when he prays alone, he may prolong his prayer as much as he wishes. (Related by at-Tirmithi according to Abu Huraira).


When a woman gives in charity from her husband’s house, reasonably and without waste, she receives the reward of what she has spent and her husband receives his reward for having earned it and the storekeeper will have a similar reward. The reward of one does not decrease those of the others. (Related by the Two Sheiks).


When one of you enters a mosque, let him pray two rakats before sitting. (Related by the Group).


When one of you gets invited to a wedding banquet, he should accept the invitation. (Related by the al-Bukhari and Muslim).


When one of you sees a pleasant dream, then it is from Allah, and he should thank Allah for it and tell it to others. But when he sees something else (an unpleasant dream) which he dislikes, then it is from Satan and he should seek refuge with Allah from its evil and should not mention it to anyone, for then it would not harm him. (Related by al-Bukhari according to Abu Said).


When one of you sees a bad dream, he should spit thrice towards his left then seek refuge with Allah from Satan three times. He should then turn over to the side other than the one he was lying on. (Related by Muslim according to Jaber)


The woman who renders her five daily prayers, fasts her month of Ramadan, guards her chastity and obeys her husband, enters Paradise. (Related by al-Bazza according to Anas)


When the trust is betrayed, wait for the Hour of Judgment. The questioner asked: O Messenger of Allah, how is the trust betrayed? He said, When authority is entrusted to those unworthy of it, then wait for the Hour.” (Related by al-Bukhari)



When one of you sneezes, he should say, Alhamdullillah Rabbi-il-Aalameen (Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds). And whoever muslim brother or companion is with him at such a time should reply to him, Yarhamuka-Allah (may Allah bestow His mercy on you). When the latter says, Yarhamuka-Allah, the former should respond by saying, Yahdeekumu-Allah wa yuslihu balakum (May Allah give you guidance and improve your condition). (Related by Abu Daoud and an-Nassai)


When the son of Adam recites the Sura of Sajda (prostration) then prostrates, Satan steps aside crying and saying, Woe to him (satan), the son of Adam was ordered to prostrate and he did and will therefore enter Paradise. And I was ordered, I disobeyed and I will enter the Fire (of Hell). (Related by Muslim according to Abu Huraira).


When the prayer has started, do not rush for it, but come to it walking calmly. Join in the prayer at the stage at which you arrived and complete afterwards whatever you have missed. (Related by al-Bukhari and Muslim).


When the child of a servant of Allah dies, Allah most High asks His angels: Have you taken the soul of my servants child? Yes, they reply. Allah will say, what did my servant say? The angels answer: He praised You and said: To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return. On this, Allah Most High will say: Build for My servant a house in Paradise and name it the house of Praising (Allah). (Related by at-Tirmithi according to Abu Musa).


When a person dies, all his deeds cease except for these three: Perpetual charity, a beneficial knowledge, and a child who invokes Allah for him. (Related by Muslim).


When any of you sees someone who is superior to him in riches and beauty, then he should look at another one who is inferior to him. (Related by the two Sheikhs according to Abu Huraira).


When one of you intends to do something, he should offer a two Rakat prayer (Nafl), other than the compulsory prayers and after finishing it, he should say: O Allah! I consult Your infinite knowledge, and appeal to Your infinite power, and ask You to favor me with Your great compassion, for You have power and I have none, and You have knowledge and I have none. And You are Knower of the unseen. O Allah! If You know that this matter is good for me as regards my religion, my subsistence and my future life (in the Hereafter), then fulfill it for me and make it easy for me and then bestow Your blessings on me in that matter. But, if You know that this matter is not good for me as regards my Religion, my subsistence and my future life, then divert it away from me. And keep me away from it and destine for me what is good wherever it may be, and let me be contented with it.” He said, then he should mention his need or concern. (Related by al-Bukhari).


Talk about the good deeds of your dead and refrain from citing their bad deeds. (Related by at-Tirmithi according to Ibn Omar).


Performing ablution perfectly constitutes one half of faith. Praise be to Allah fills the scale, Glorification (of Allah) and Takbir (saying Allah is most High) fill the heavens and the earth. Prayer is light, obligatory charity is proof (of faith), patience is brightness, and the Quran is an argument for or against you. And eve morning, each person goes to selling his soul, selling it (to Allah or to Satan) so he will either set it free or will enslave it. (Related by Ibn habban according to Abu Malek al-Ashari)


Treat women kindly, for a woman is created from a rib and the most curved portion of the rib is its upper part. So if you try to straighten it, you will break it. But if you leave it as it is, it will remain curved. So treat women kindly. (Related by the two Sheikhs according to Abu Huraira).


The people most prone to trials with afflictions are the prophets and then the most pious and then the next in piety and so on. A man is tried according to the strength of his belief. If his belief is firm, his trial will be harder, and if his belief is weak, he is tried accordingly. A servant of Allah will go on being tried with afflictions until he walks on earth free of sins. (Related by al-Bukhari according to Said).


Utter good words, spread the greeting of peace, be kind to your blood relations and pray at night while others sleep then enter Paradise in peace.


Take advantage of five things before five others happen. These are your life before your death, your health before your illness, your leisure before pre-occupation, your youth before your old age, and your wealth before your poverty. (Related by al-Bayhaqi according to Ibn Abbas).


The best Muslim among the believers is the one who does not harm the Muslims with either his tongue or his hand. The one with best belief among the believers is the one who has the best characters. The Muhajir (emigrant) is the one who abandons all that Allah has forbidden. And the best jihad (struggle for the sake of Allah) is to struggle against oneself for the sake of gaining the pleasure of Allah, to whom belongs might and majesty.


The biggest of the major sins are: to join others in worship with Allah, to kill someone (unlawfully), to be undutiful to ones parents, and to bear false witness. (Related by al-Bukhari).


Allah! I seek refuge with You from helplessness, laziness, cowardice, miserliness, and feeble old age. I seek refuge with You from the torture of the grave. I seek refuge with You from the punishment of the Fire (of Hell) and I seek refuge with You from the trial of life and death. (Related by al-Bukhari).


Allah! Forgive my sins, my ignorance and my exceeding the boundaries or righteousness, and forgive those of my sins which You know better than I, O Allah! Forgive those of my sins of the past and those which I have committed thereafter, the ones I committed openly and those I committed secretly; You are the One who makes the things go before, and You are the One Who delays them, and You are the Omnipotent. (Related by al-Bukhari).


Allah! Set right for me my religion which is the safeguard of my affairs, set right for me my life in this world where I earn my livelihood, set right for me my life in the Hereafter where I have to return ultimately, make life for me a source of abundance for every virtue and make my death a source of comfort against all evils. (Related by Muslim according to Abu Huraira).


Allah Most High has chosen this religion and the only things fitting for your religion are generosity and a good character. If such is true, then try to adorn your religion with these two. (Related by At-Tabarani accoridng to Umran Ibn Hussayn).


Allah Most High will ask each guardian about his charge. Did he guard or waste this trust? A man will even be asked about his family.


Allah Most High has no better reward than Paradise for believing servants of His who is patient and resigned when He takes away his most beloved in this world. (Related by an-Nassai according to Ibn Omar).


On the Day of Resurrection, the man who, in the sight of Allah, occupies the worst position is the one who after having had intercourse with his wife, goes out and makes public her secret.


Allah loves that one should be kind and lenient in all matters.


Allah had forbidden you to be undutiful to your mothers, to bury your female infants alive, parsimony and usurpation of the property of others. And he disapproved for you three things: vain talk and gossip, excessive questioning and wasting wealth. (Related by al-Bukhari and Muslim according to al-Maghira Ibn Shuba).


Allah Most High says: I am the third of two partners as long as they do not betray each other, for if one of them betrayed the other, I withdraw from their partnership. (Related by Abu Dawood according to Abu Huraira).


Allah Most High has forbidden the Fire (of Hell) on those who testify that there is no God but Allah, seeking thereby only Allahs pleasure. (Related by al-Bukhari and Muslim).


On the Day of Resurrection, Allah Most High says: Where are those who love each other for the sake of My Majesty, today I shall provide them with My shade which is the day when there is no shade but Mine. (Related by Muslim according to Abu Huraira).


Allah will say to the people of Paradise: O People of Paradise! They will respond: Here we are, Our Lord, and all the good is in Your Hands. Allah will say: Are you satisfied? They will answer: Why shouldnt we be satisfied when You have bestowed on us what You have bestowed on any of Your other creation. He will say Shall I not bestow upon you something even better than that? They will say: O Our Lord! What could be better than that? Allah will say: I bestow upon you My pleasure and I shall never hereafter be angry with you. (Related by the two Sheikhs according to Abu Said).


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