The west is a great example for women’s freedom’s and rights !!

By Sami Zaatari

Christians in the west are often fond of telling Muslims that the west is a great example for women’s freedom’s and rights, and that Muslims should work to strive and reach an example which is similar to the west. However so is the west really a good role-model on how to treat women? Is the west a really good role-model for women’s freedoms and rights? It this questions we will seek to answer in this article, and by the end of this article we shall see that the west is the worst example on how to treat women, and that the west does not respect women at all.


Let us begin with rape, when one looks at the statistics of women that are raped in the west one will be disgusted and shocked. In the USA alone which is often highlighted as THE prime example on women’s freedom and rights by Christians the stat of women raped is one every 2 minutes! Can you believe that? In the USA a lady is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes, so basically as I type this right now there is a women being sexually assaulted and a women who has just been sexually assaulted.


It does not end there, at least one in every 6 women in the USA will be sexually assaulted at one point in their life!


This is from the Rape and Abuse and Incest National network. This is in the USA alone, in England the rape stat is 13 times lower, in Germany it is 4 times lower and so on. So basically rape is major phenomena in the west, it happens every day, and every minute.


So is this the great example? Off course now westerners will say but it’s illegal to rape and so on, but that doesn’t mean anything, because the fact is it is still happening, the fact is it shows that there is a very sick and wrong twisted mentality amongst several men in the west who are out there raping women every minute.


But now what about LEGAL forms of degradation amongst women in the west? Pornography, porn is one of the largest businesses in the west. Let us ask the western peoples, do you think this sick industry is a form of respect and honor for women? Where men go buy a video to see a lady being naked and fornicating with several men? Is this the respect and honor western Christians speak to us about? Is this the type of freedom western Christians want for our women?! Well it will never happen, Muslims have honor and respect, we will never want such trash as this in our societies nor will we ever allow it, nor will we ever consider it freedom.


Now of course western Christian men will consider porn as freedom because they are perverts and enjoy watching it, and of course they will say banning porn is anti-freedom because banning porn means it ends their disgusting habit of indulging in this satanic industry.


It doesn’t end with pornography, what about the large number of strip clubs in the west? Is the great respect and honor for women? Where they get up in front of a group of drunk screaming men and take all of their clothes off to be whistled at as if their some toy and animal in a show.


To western Christians such acts are perfectly okay, and this is what they call ?freedom’, especially their men because they are a bunch of perverts who enjoy this stuff.


What about the modeling business? Is this the great freedom and respect for women? Where young girls are starving themselves to death to simply stay in shape so they can wear very revealing clothes to please their fashion homosexual designers who produce the clothes. Is this freedom?


What about the advertising business, where women are always used to sell products, they always put a half naked lady beside the product with very sexual flirtations to try and sell the product, is this respect and freedom for women?


What is the most disturbing fact of all is that Muslim women who cover up in the west are abused and attacked, while women who go out and dress half naked are treated properly! So basically in the west to gain respect you have to dress very loosely revealing all to gain the respect of the people, if not then you will be abused, and even physically attacked in some cases.


In fact what about the stereo-typing we have in the west, that blondes are dumb, several jokes and comedies are often made were they try to portray blonde females as being foolish and stupid. Why make such insulting jokes concerning blonde women? Do western men get a kick out of mocking females? It seems they do because they always do it now and have the laughs at the expense of blonde females. Is this the respect for women in the west?


I could go on to highlight several more things to silence Christian claims that the west is a great champion for women’s freedoms, but the above is sufficient to silence them as the above things I have listed are a very common accepted norm in the western Christian world, and it is to this that these people are calling us Muslims to, they are calling us to darkness and backwardness. Thankfully Muslim women are pure and modest, and will never given in to these disgusting things which the west call ‘freedom’.


And Allah Knows Best!


One Response to “The west is a great example for women’s freedom’s and rights !!”

  1. Naima butt Says:

    Islam have more right for women then any other relegions.

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