Does Islam need to be reformed or do YOU?

By Sami Zaatari

In today’s world we here many anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic haters saying that Islam needs to be reformed, that it needs to be changed, basically a new form and interpretation of Islam must be made.


Of course this is not surprising at all, why should it? Of course the Jews, the Christians, and the atheists would want Islam to change, to be ‘reformed’ as they call it which is a simple twist of words to hide their true hidden agenda. You see folks when these people say that Islam needs to be reformed, what they basically mean is that Islam needs to go, when they Islam needs to be reformed they mean that Islam has to change to a set of rules and styles that fit their own backward paganistic and secular ways of life.


The Quran already warned us about this concerning the Jews and Christians:


 Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. Say: “The Guidance of Allah,-that is the (only) Guidance.” Wert thou to follow their desires after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither Protector nor helper against Allah.(The Noble Quran  2:120)


So God has already warned us Muslims that hostile Jews and Christians will never be satisfied with us until we follow their way of life. Since the context of the verse and the verse itself is directed against hostile anti-Islamic Christians and Jews who hate Islam and the Muslims, there is no reason why the verse cannot also be used in a general sense to include hostile atheists as well, hostile atheists who also will never be pleased or satisfied with Muslims until we follow their backward way of life as well.


So as I said above, when these people say that we need to reform Islam, it basically means that they want us to change Islam in such a way that it is no longer really Islam, but it is a western secular system which is only called Islam, but in fact is not Islam and has nothing to do with Islam.


Now it is not non-Muslims who ask for this only, moderate Muslims do the same thing, moderate Muslims who go around preaching the same thing that these anti-Islamic’s are preaching. And let me make one point clear, I do not believe that moderate Muslims are Muslims, moderate Muslims are nothing more than apostates waiting to happen, or they are a group of deviant heretics who’s heresies take them beyond the pale of misguidance rather their opinions and views is so bad it takes them outside of Islam.


Moderate Muslims and their western anti-Islamic pals always say Islam needs to be reformed, however so does it? Does Islam and the Muslim world need reformation or is it that the Non-Muslim world and these moderates who need reformation?


Well let us take a test of the Do’s and don’ts in Islam and the secular western system that these people call us to, and we will see who is the backward one needing reformation.


So let us proceed:




Against open fornication, calls for chastity and self-restraint and to wait till one gets married.

for open fornication, no problems in people going out and having sex as many times as you wish without being married.

Against adultery, adultery to be punished as marriage is something very pure and a deep bond.

for adultery, it is not to be punished at all, it is a free open choice of the couple and is perfectly legal and legitimate for a spouse to go and have an affair with other people, and even go to swinger parties!

Against the consumption of alcohol.

for the consumption of alcohol, which leads to crazy drunk people on the streets who make clowns of themselves, as well as a lot of road accidents, and domestic violence.

Against the practice of gambling.

for gambling which leads to several people losing their money which also leads to problems between the spouses and breakdown of the family.

Against same sex marriages that leads to confusion, and which goes beyond the pale of human nature.

for same sex marriages, men marrying men, and even having kids! Leads to complete breakdown of the child’s moral upbringing, how can a child have 2 fathers? A child needs a mother and vice versa a child needs a father as well.

Calls for women to dress up moderately and to cover up for chastity.

No such thing as women covering up, women are encouraged to dress very lightly revealing a lot, while women who cover up are abused and banned from work-places and are called ?oppressed’.

Against pornography and prostitution.

for pornography and prostitution, both are legal ways of working in the secular way.

Against public disorder, offending and mocking and provoking others and respecting others people culture and ways.

for mocking, insulting, offending, and insulting other people under the excuse of ?free speech’ while not respecting the culture and ways of other people, demanding others change for them or be deported!




I could really continue to list many other differences between Islam and the secularism which the anti-Islamics continue to call us to. But it pretty much is clear as to who really needs to reform and who does not! And it certainly is not Islam!


And Allah Knows Best!


8 Responses to “Does Islam need to be reformed or do YOU?”

  1. Does Islam need to be reformed or do YOU? « Midpress (Middle East News) Says:

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  2. Says:

    Thank You a good article for me.
    Islam has come to blossom our wisdom not to block it. so we can value it as what we Understand it.
    I will publish your Article in my blog (Midpress)

  3. maji6 Says:

    We need Islam, Islam doesn’t need us.

    Islam is Gods favour to manking

  4. Munawar Says:


  5. TroyG Says:

    Islam began as a bastion of culture and learning: Islam kept the knowledge of the ancient Greek philosophy alive and enabled the Renaissance to come about.

    But according to you, because I’m a western Christian male, I watch porn, gamble, drink, support homosexual relationships, et cetera? You know every w.C.m. do you? You know me? I shan’t even begin to list the logical errors you are guilty of. But have I insulted you? Have I said you were brainwashed or a hypocrite? I have not. Look through your posts and mine.

    This article is offensive, incorrect, and doesn’t honour anyone.

  6. Nora's Sensation Says:

    @ TroyG

    this article is incorrect?? really??

    This article is appointed to the anti-Islamic haters, who always say Islam needs to be reformed if you are not one of them, you’ll not be offended..

    I don’t believe all the westerns are the same..
    I remember one of the good Christians once said to me:
    “Islam is still a very strong religion. Christianity has fallen away almost completely in the west in just 50 years. In order to establish their New World Order the Illuminati will have to weaken Islam as they have weakened Christianity”

  7. TroyG Says:


    your article is incorrect when it (a) calls Christianity – and therefore Christians – secular, and (b) asserts that _all_ people – including Christians – in the West live and believe what you say we do.

    Christianity was once joined to the state, so that if you were born in Western Europe, you were considered a Christian. In the United States the state and religion are still quite close but it can be just a mere title. Now though, Christianity is seen as a choice – you choose to trust Jesus of Nazareth as the answer to life and salvation. It doesn’t matter where you live or what your culture is.

    Many people in the West do think a lot of what you say is true and okay – premarital sex et cetera – but many of us don’t. Nevertheless, you put everyone in the West under the same group. That is what is incorrect.

    I am not offended by your summary of beliefs about the way to live and the general attitude of people in the West. But if not all Western people believe the same thing, why say “All”? Why include Christianity under secularism as those it were a culture, not a personal belief?

    Speaking as a Christian, I agree with you about the evils of such things as premarital sex, prostitution and so on. How then can I be part of the “All” – I am a Christian in the West, but morally I am more like the East than secular people here in the West. So where do you put me?

  8. Nora's Sensation Says:

    “So where do you put me?”
    >>from the good Christians:)
    Please Troy, don’t be offended, I didn’t mean every single Christian or a Jew, of course NOT, good apples and bad apples found everywhere, like all groups of humanity, there is good and bad among their ranks. The Qur’an indeed tells us that Christians, as a whole, posses many good and decent qualities. For example, the Noble Quran says:

    “…and nearest among them (humanity) in love to the believers (Muslims) will you find those who say ‘We Are Christians’: because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant. And when they listen to the revelation received by the messenger (Muhammad), you will see their eyes OVERFLOWING with tears FOR THEY RECOGNIZE THE TRUTH: They pray: ‘Our Lord! we believe; write us down among the witnesses’. (The Noble Quran, 5:82-83)”

    God bless you,

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