Did David call the Messiah God? Psalms 110:1 examined

by Sami Zaatari

A Common passage that is often cited by Christians to try and prove the divinity of Jesus is that of Psalms 110:1. Christians contend that this verse clearly proves that Jesus is God due to the fact that David calls him his Lord.


For starters let us read what the passage says:

 1The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.

So after reading this the Christian says here is the proof that Jesus the Messiah is God, since David calls him his lord. Christians also contend that this verse proves the Trinity as well, since the verse says and the Lord said to my lord, basically we have Jehovah, as well as the Messiah.

Contrary to the Christian claim, the Psalm 110:1 is the greatest proof and evidence that the Messiah is NOT God!

As we all know the Hebrew Bible was written in Hebrew, and was orally transmitted in the Hebrew language. Therefore we must go to the Hebrew language and find the words lord in Hebrew, then we can properly understand the verse.

When one goes and reads the Hebrew, one will find that the word lord which is used in reference to the Messiah is called Adoni. Basically here is the verse again except this time I will put the Hebrew words in brackets:

 1The LORD (Jehovah) said unto my Lord (ADONI), Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.

The first thing that everyone should notice is the clear distinctions, the verse says and Jehovah said to my Adoni. If David really believed that the Messiah was God then he could’ve made it even more clear by saying “and Jehovah said unto my Jehovah”.

Now comes the major problem for the Christian, and basically the nail to the coffin.

The word Adoni in the Hebrew Bible is NEVER used in reference to God, rather the word Adoni is ALWAYS used when referring to men! Adoni is always used when referring to leaders and judges amongst the men.

People must not get confused now; in the Hebrew language there is the word Adoni, which is what we have here, and the word Adonai. Yet these are two different words, in fact in the Hebrew Bible the word Adonai is sometimes used when referring to God, so it makes us ask why wouldn’t David say Adonai rather than Adoni? Yet even IF David called the Messiah Adonai it wouldn’t make the Messiah God because the word Adonai is also used for men as well!

The fact that David calls the Messiah Adoni is a clear indication that David did not believe that the Messiah was God, as the word Adoni is never used for God, but rather for leaders and judges. Hence David did not believe that the Messiah was God, rather he believed that the Messiah was a leader, a righteous servant and prophet of God.

This is also why the Jews never believed that the Messiah was God as well, and this verse here is one of the main reasons for this belief!

So to summarize what we have:

-David calls the Messiah Adoni

-The Hebrew word Adoni is never used when referring to God

-The Hebrew word Adoni is always used when referring to men

-Therefore David believed that the Messiah would be a man

-The Messiah is not God

Very simple!

There is a beautiful irony to this argument, because as I earlier stated in this article, this verse is a great proof and evidence that the Messiah is NOT God. Therefore I implore all Muslims to use this verse when arguing against the divinity of Jesus! The irony is lovely, a verse that is used by Christians to prove Jesus’ divinity will in fact be the verse that we use to disprove that Jesus is God and rather that he is a man!

And Allah Knows Best!


3 Responses to “Did David call the Messiah God? Psalms 110:1 examined”

  1. Darrell Says:

    I am writing a book with your subject as one of my chapters. You said it almost the same way I explained it. I like your simplicity. My book is somewhat “the meshia for Bible Dummies”

    The only thing about ISLAM that I disagree with is the Death/Resurrectiion but I agree that it did not save us or forgive sins.

    My other book is about “Obedience (Pure hearted) along with Faith (There is 1 God)” It is the faith that compells you to obey but faith without obedience is worthless except for a few situations.

    You could say I am an outsider but one that believes in the special people of Yisrael and the Other Obedient People of Noah’s laws (No: kill, steal, lewd sex, idolatry, eat ripped off flesh, DO: Set up Holy Judgement

    YHVH Bless You

    PS: Please change “Jehovah” It is not his name maybe”Yahveh”or “Yahvah”. The rest, I agreed with, but please change the name to “YHVH”

  2. Nora's Sensation Says:

    thanks Darrell
    and about”Jehovah”.. I’ll check it.

  3. Anthony Buzzard Says:

    Your statement is absolutely correct in terms of Adoni which in all 195 occurrences of the word never refers to Deity. As you say, then, the fact that the Messiah is adoni in Ps. 110:1 proves he is not a second member of a Godhead. I write as prof. of Bible, and may I just point out that your case is even stronger if you modify what you say about Adonai (with long vowel): In all 449 occurrences it always means the Lord God. Adoni, by contrast, is a human superior, occasionally an angel. It is the word which tells us the status of Jesus as ascended Messiah. I write as a Christian of course and confirm that you are right that adoni (my lord) in Ps. 110:1 demonstates that Jesus is not God, He is the Son of God as defined by Luke 1:35.

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