The Illogical Trinity !!

By Sami Zaatari

Indeed one of the most illogical doctrines to have been invented is none other than the trinity, and no it is not a mystery, it just an illogical doctrine, not a mystery of God. Trinity is three persons, yet they say these three persons are one, that is not a mystery, that is simply bad math and bad logic and made up logic! Three is three, four is four, and one is one, three persons are three persons, three persons are not person, I, Tom , and Dick are three different persons, we are not one person! If you saw three of us standing outside a shop would you say we are one person or three? Three of course! So the same thing with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, they are three persons and not one.

To further show how illogical the Trinity is, Jesus the Son dies, and as you know Jesus is God, but if God does then logically who runs the universe and the universal affairs? Now since Trinity believes in three persons they will say the Father does, but that is very illogical indeed! So when Jesus dies the Father starts running things, so therefore part of God dies?! One God dies, and the other one continues to run the affairs of the universe while the other one is dead?! So while the Father runs the universe, you have the son Jesus laying dead and buried! Let us make it simple:


Muslim: Is Jesus God?

Christian: Yes

Muslim: Did Jesus die?

Christian: Yes

Muslim: And Jesus is God?

Christian: Yes

Muslim: So Jesus died and Jesus is God so this mean God died

Christian: erm

Muslim: So who ran the world when Jesus died?

Christian: I believe in Trinity

Muslim: And?

Christian: Well I believe in three persons, the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit

Muslim: And Jesus is the Son right?

Christian: Correct

Muslim: And the Son died

Christian: Yes, and while the son was dead the Father and Holy Spirit were still alive and so they continued to run the affairs of the world

Muslim: So Jesus who is God is lying dead and buried, while the Father and Holy Spirit who are also God are running the universe?

Christian: Yes

Muslim: So one God is dead, and the other 2 run the affairs of the universe, may I know how this is all one God?

Christian: It is a mystery!


 And that basically sums it up! While one God is dead, the other 2 run the universe! What an illogical insulting doctrine against the true monotheistic God! This is no different than pagans who had many different Gods for many different purposes, one God was for rain, one for sun, one for night etc ,here we have the same thing, one God (Jesus) dies and the other 2 Gods carry on running the universe while the Son God is dead.




And Allah Knows Best!


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