Levels of Islam..

Islam consists of three levels, each building upon the lower ones. They are:

1) Islam:

-Testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah .

-Establish the 5 daily prayers .

-Pay Zakat (Obligatory charity due the poor).

-Observe the fast of Ramadan .

-Perform pilgrimage to the Ka’aba (in Makkah ) once in your life if you are able .


2) Faith (Iman):

-To believe in Allah .

-To believe in His angels .

-To believe in His Books (Scriptures) .

-To believe in His Messengers .

-To believe in the Day of Judgment .

-To believe in the Divine Decree (predestination) whether good or evil .


3) Excellence/Goodness (Ihsan )


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